Kanye Doesn’t Want A Prenup, Thinks They’re ‘Tacky

Kim Kardashian: 'Mademoiselle C' PremiereKim Kardashian and Kanye West got engaged
Monday night, and if you’re a rational person with even the slightest
knowledge of Kim, you’d assume there’s going to be a prenup to protect
at least some of his money from the most highly successful and obvious
gold dig of our generation. And you’d be wrong. Via Hollywood Life:

“Kanye’s in love with Kim to the point of infatuation. It’s scary because the love is so powerful, Kanye doesn’t even want to have a prenup,”
the source says. “He thinks it’s tacky and he doesn’t want to offend
Kim or make anything seem awkward. He loves Kim too much for that to
even cross his mind. He thinks of his money and his accomplishments and
hers and he wants to share them with her — no strings attached.”

In Kanye’s defense, what’s more baller than marrying Kim Kardashian
without a prenup? That’s like sticking your head in a lion’s mouth with a
steak tied to your face which isn’t a Khloe joke. (She likes dead rabbits.)


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